Safeguard your vital equipment

Revolutionize your industrial assets with Majan.Data.

Learn about how it integrates within your architecture, acquires real-time data and demonstrates actionable insights in an easy-to-use and customizable user-interface.

Artificially Intelligent Machine Learning Time-series Analytics


Equipment Agnostic
  • Can connect to any device
  • Any industry data environment
  • Include any equipment parameters
  • Can have variable analytics sensitivity
  • 24/7 real-time performance alerts


On-cloud or On-premise
  • Adaptable environment design
  • Full cloud-based option
  • Enforced data transfer security
  • Versatile arcitecture design
  • Built in OT security monitoring


User Customized
  • Equipment Actionable Insights
  • Works with any data logging system
  • Integration with visualization tools
  • Custom Python library
  • Intelligent asset comparison

Take your operation to the next level

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Majan.Data Frequently Asked Questions

Our flagship product has been developed by our team of software engineers, data scientists and product development experts with the guidance of our experienced innovative team and a PHD research paper.

Due to the constructive client feedback. Majan.Data now stands on its third version. V3 now has an updated user interface, a lite version, more accurate parameter sensitivity,  behaviour  detection, remote alerting and a smoother overall  experience.

Majan.Data has been in operation successfully for two years starting with the first project in 2018. Additional projects followed overseas, a 100% retention rate and an extremely impactful client feedback.

M.D is designed to fit into architectures of various industries, and can monitor any equipment with real-time data availability.

Synergy has partnered with industry leading data logger manufacturers, and can work to provide and install such meters and develop the needed software to facilitate real-time data in order to install Majan.Data.

M.D utilizes image conversion and Machine learning obtained from as little as 24 hours to accurately anticipate equipment behaviour and provide the SME with accurate anticipation of specified behaviours.

M.D is designed to be used by subject matter experts, operation managers, technologists and maintenance personal in order to optimize their equipment behaviour.