Our team of Data Scientists, Software Engineers, Solution Architects, AI and ML experts will help you set the foundation you need to build the solutions and products you always aspired for.

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With Great Data Comes Great Productivity

Smart Solutions

Our products, your own architecture and customized data transportation & Storage solutions catered to the industry and legilative requirements.

Certified Experts

With over 40 years of combined experience, Synergy data analytics team guarantees your over satisfaction. View our teams page and see for yourself the expertise and certifications we are equipped with on top of our applicable and proven knowledge.

Continuous Support

We won't just hand over a turnkey solution, our team will take the initiative to gather feedback on our product, provide continuous support and maintenance while keeping you up to date with the newest upgrades in the industry.


Discipline Agnostic Time Series Data Analytics Application.

Automating process and equipment monitoring, MAJAN.DATA is trained to progressively and accurately detect specific user defined behaviors, allowing accurate and value-based optimization possibilities.

Platform Expertise

We have partnered and collaborated with industry leading technologies, bringing the best value to the industry with unmatched pricing and integrations.