Synergy Technology Solutions

“Empowering Innovation Through Technology”

Synergy is a brainchild of technology enthusiasts and industry veterans from Oman with a mission to accelerate industrial and business processes towards Industry 4.0.
We unite energy, experience and digital technology to build state of the art systems to create a seamless ecosystem.
Our competitive advantage in providing holistic solutions in Digital Transformation,Big Data Analytics and cutting-edge Automation and SCADA makes Synergy a one stop shop for all your Digitalization and Automation needs.

Digital Transformation

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Our expertise in IoT devices, smart sensors, metering solutions ,edge computing and cloud computing assist you in accelerating your digital transformation goals.

Synergy provides next generation digital solutions for all types of industries. We excel in designing Business process digitalization solutions to help you continue your operation with peace of mind. Our core strength lies in Fintech, oil and gas, manufacturing, mining, pharmaceuticals, power and water industries.

Big Data Analytics

Our Approach

  • We look at your automation setup, disparate data sources, such as Historians, ERPs and others to identify improvement in Key Performance Indicators (KPIs).
  • Assess gaps in data and identify opportunities where Machine Learning and Data Analytics could provide valuable insights to your business.
  • Propose integrated architecture through a detailed scope of work that can be used to leverage various technologies to improve business outcomes.

Exploratory Data Analytics

We Undertake the “dirty work” of sifting, munging and sorting the data to extract Machine Learning Features. Help clients understand the “state-of-data” to enable future ML and AI projects.

Machine learning & Artificial Intelligence Scope Definition

Develop custom code for clients that can be integrated within in-house or cloud-based software apps. We are experts in Python, JavaScript, .NET and Containerization technologies

Full Stack Code Development

We undertake end-to-end web architecture and develop functional databases to provide support to the back-end. We Optimize user experience by designing visually appealing front-end is our expertise.
Our team of experienced software engineers enhance your front-end and back-end experience by providing customized solutions.

What do you gain?

Make data-driven decisions with the right information at your fingertips.
Technology that mines through unstructured data and seamlessly provides accurate data and actionable insights while empowering managers to make the right decision in complex situations and fundamentally transform industrial processes.
Solutions customized based on client needs for data-driven decision making.
Drive innovation and be future-proof with our suite of solutions.

Instrumentation & Flow Measurement


Instrumentation and process control is at the core of all industrial and manufacturing activities. Within a production facility, every process must be carefully monitored and controlled to proceed in a predetermined fashion that is both optimized and safe.
Instrumentation and control refer to the analysis, measurement and control of industrial process variables using process control instruments and software tools such as temperature, pressure, flow and level sensors, analyzers, actuators and more.
Synergy constitutes a team of expert Instrumentation, Control and Measurement Engineers that help you architect most cost-effective design for your plant. Our scope includes design and supply of best-in-class instruments , meters and analyzers.

Flow Measurement

Our team of UKAS certified Measurement Engineers provide you with unbiased flow measurement solutions for Fiscal purposes for both oil and gas applications.
Our expertise include design services in line with application accuracy requirements, audits, calibration, uncertainty calculations and 3rd party witness.
We have our own skid manufacturing facility where we provide manufacturing of flow metering skids along with skid integration and FAT services.

Automation and SCADA

Synergy specializes in Industrial Automation and SCADA. We provide services and packages including supply of hardware and software for Programmable Logic Controller(PLC), Flow Computers, Remote Terminal Units(RTU), Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition(SCADA) to meet your automation needs at all levels of complexity for process Industries including:

Oil & Gas

Water & Wastewater



Food & beverage


Our team of expert control system engineers and technicians excel in providing engineering design, programming, panel assembly, site installation and commissioning.

We have a pool of experienced Automation Engineers and Technicians who can be stationed at your location for providing maintenance, troubleshooting and modification services for your existing control systems.

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